County, library and towns try to cobble together a plan to save the libraries

This story comes from North Carolina:

County, library and towns try to cobble together a plan to save the libraries 


There is a time-tested way of relieving financial stress


Thinking outside the box – maybe.  Making a larger box- definitely.  Many funding options exist that could help libraries transition from a series of short-term crises to long-term stability.  It is possible to be less influenced by the vagaries of local politics and government/tax revenue. . . 



How to adapt to the paradigm that has already shifted

  • Transition from short-term missions to long-term development
    • focus on being effective, not efficient
    • Grants → events → membership → long-term mindset
  • Create the values-based compelling case for support
  • Abandon desperation and need
  • stop hiding behind the screen –
    • use social media, websites and communication material more effectively
    • you are in sales – get in front of people and PROMOTE your mission – one-to-one is best
  • Networking
    • building the strategic partnerships for long-term revenue growth
    • Innovations in Network Fundraising – such as PhilanthropPlus (TM)  – a turn-key program that produces meaningful results

contact Laura Miller for more information:  614-915-4324 or 


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